I am looking for the book “Deliver Us from Evil”. The author was J.F. Sawyer and he wrote the book based on the information given to him by the late Ed Warren (Demonologist) and his wife Lorraine Warren. The book was published by Phillips Publishers in 1973 with a limited first edition printing of 25,000 copies. The book was never republished. I believe that the ISBN for the book is 0318828014. If anyone knows of the book and I have listed the book incorrectly please let me know especially the ISBN.



MP3 Game

I stole this from Susie who stole it from Erica (who ever that is).

Directions: Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating.

How am I feeling today? Lean like a cholo- Down aka Kilo
Will I get far in life? Wake up and smell the coffee -The Cranberries (should this make me feel sad?)
How do my friends see me? Duffle bag boy – Playaz Circle
When will I get Married? Balla baby
What’s my theme song? You owe me nothing – Alanis Morrisette
What is the story of my life? Psycho – puddle of Mudd
How can I get ahead in life? Shake your ass
What is my best feature? Slow motion
How is today going to be? Baby your a rich man – The Beatles
What is in store for this weekend? Southbound train – Nancy Grifith
What is my life like at the moment? To the faithful – The Cranberries
What song describes my secrets? Every morning – The Cranberries
What is my current lover like? John I love you – Sinean O’Connor
What song will they play at my funeral? For you blur – The Beatles
How does the world see me? Perfect – Alanis morissette (of course)
Will I have a happy life? That’ll be the day – The Beatles
What do my friends really think of me? Culo – Pitbull
Do people secretly lust after me? paparazzi on mopeds – The Cranberries
Will I accomplish my goals in life? Across the universe – the Bestles
How do I treat others? Tranquilize – the Killers

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Stupid monkey!

Ok pardon my huge rant about a stupid monkey! But due to the fact that I have a child and in the morning I put on the t.v. while she plays and then that horrible show comes on. That stupid damn monkey! And those people who have been fed way too much Xanex because no one is that forgiving! But that horrible monkey touches and does things that no one ever should. Why would anyone want their child (shut up I get the irony) to watch a monkey put all kinds of things into a pot of cooking pasta in a Italian restaurant. Especially after taking a bite out of the onion! Aaahhh

Should I be concerned?

So this morning I lay in bed and my husband has been working so early that if he wakes my daughter he will bring her into bed to me with a bottle hoping she will sleep more. Which never works but we can dream. So this morning I am laying there in the dark just enjoying my little girl thinking I wonder if I am holding the future president or what will she do in this world. Then all of a sudden she starts stabbing me nipple down repeatedly with her bottle milk is flying everywhere I mutter out etu Venice and then it was all over and she was gone playing with the dog. So I wonder should I be concerned?


So I have the opportunity to have a weekend completely alone. Well except for my cute little five pounds of protective Shi Tzu. But I don’t know if I can handle missing the love of my life and my so cute little baby girl. I just don’t know what to do. I would miss my little family but I do love the idea of having some time all to myself to lie naked on the couch and sleep till noon and not have to worry about cooking food for anyone! I love this idea! So I do not know what I will do. But I will do something. It will be great to see what I choose.