Two non-stop weeks…

My sad car!

My sad car!

My two weeks start with a large bump on my head combined with a blinding headache so I am thinking that of course that I have a tumor and the doctor did noting to calm my fears by ordering me to go that day to have a cat scan. I called the following day to find out how long I have and then I found out I had sinusitis and that my sinus is completely clogged. They said come back in nine days and have a look. Tomorrow is the nine-day mark and I get to find out more about it. In the mean time, I found out, I am pregnant. I would keep this to myself normally for a while, but today as I was driving down the road with a friend and her daughter (after having a lovely time at the park) I have a sixteen year old run a stop sign on a side road and even though I was swerving like I was Bambi avoiding bullets the little shit ran into me. I pulled over and my friend tried to calm me down and I was doing well I called the police and breathed while she was checking on our children then I got out of the car to check the damage and talk to the child behind the wheel of the new Jeep. As soon as I got out of the car this sixteen year old says to me “I saw your blinker” I had been calm up to this point. Now I am not someone to upset in general but at the starting of a pregnancy where my hormones are flying and I am not rational at all the last thing you should do is say something stupid after you just did something stupid. At that time, I lost it and started to yell saying what blinker, and I have kids in the car and I am pregnant. Now this may have contained a few choice words and I am sure a face that might make the strongest of men cry. He stopped talked and sat on the grass. I called my husband and started to calm down. Here is where the P.I. in me kicked in and I pulled out my camera and took pictures of the cars and the streets. I called my mom to come take care of my daughter so I could fill out forms. In addition, the police officer said I should not drive my car because the piece of it hanging off could grab onto another car. So my car was towed away. My favorite thing was when the tow truck came as he was about to start my mother said just as we were to walk away “do you need help lifting that up there?” and he said just as serious as can be “oh no thanks I have chains that pull it up for me.” As if a sixty seven year old woman with a heart condition and a tow person are just going to lift my car onto the tow truck. Therefore, I am hoping that my little baby growing is safe still and that my shock has not been too much for the little one. Oh well I guess life marches on.

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My hubby!

I was going to post this long post that I wrote about why I love my husband it is sweet but really long so instead I will just add a link HERE if you have the time and the want to know why I love my husband so very much. I do love him greatly even though right now I almost never see him with his jobs and studying but he is very funny. 🙂

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How do we look as avatars?

So I thought that it was an interesting idea to make us avatars. I think it is a perfect representation.


Susie picked me for her kickball team! Ok that is not entirely true; however, she did tag me so it looks like I am it. These are the laws by which we must abide:

1. Link the person who tagged you.

2. Mention the rules on your blog.

3. Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.

4. Tag six following bloggers by linking them.

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged.

  1. Where to begin, I will start with the fact that for some reason cupboards being open make me manic! I have had friends who, at the time I have wanted to slam their head in the cupboard many times because of this, would walk around my kitchen slowly while we were talking just opening the cupboards and watch me follow and close them.
  2. Playing what I have deemed the “freeway game” is more relaxing to me then any pill or anything else I have found but as I will explain it I don’t get to much any more due to the fact that now I have my daughter with me most of the time. I started driving and I found that this was my freedom and my way of stress relief so I was a very fast driver. I almost lost my license due to tickets twice by the time I was eighteen due to speeding tickets. The freeway game is just driving very fast on the freeway and shooting in between cars as needs may be. Therefore, it feels almost like playing a racing game but in real life! Oh, I feel the stress just melt away as I press the gas petal further down!
  3. I for some reason have tied my sense of control with my purse. Please do not ask why I have no idea! Therefore, I have a plethora of purses and bags that I will pull out and go through in almost a ritualistic routine. I have a huge box that my husband has to pull out for me and then I pull them all out and sort them by size. I at times of large amounts of stress can change bags weekly.
  4. My wallet is very much like my purse but I do not change it often but I cannot deal with people changing it. If my husband gets into it, I know that little scoundrel puts things back wrong on purpose just to make me crazy.
  5. As of right now for some reason my laptop has turned into my safety blanket. I have to take it everywhere I go. I have not always been this way. However, I all of a sudden have turned into a computer-toting nut. I was over at a friend’s house with my husband, daughter and a friend of his picked up my “purse”, and she thought it was my diaper bag she said we have to talk what are you keeping in your diaper bag to keep it so heavy? I do not even carry a diaper bag. I keep it in the car. Nevertheless, I have my laptop!
  6. I think this one is a bit of a quirk I have been married to my husband for four years now and I should be used to my in-laws now. However, for some reason I keep expecting an emotional or detailed response to emails that I write explaining trying things going on in our lives. I know I need to just give up and expect the “oh well hope you have a good week” response but I just keep hoping for something more.

As for tagging anyone, I do not have any friends that blog other then the one who tagged me. All my friends are all dying. So if I find any I will add then later.

Holy crap I found someone! A miracle another someone!

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McCain’s Vice President.

When I first found out that John McCain named Sara Palin as choice for Vice President, I thought ok a woman that is a good choice! Even though I am quite the feminist I saved my cheers until I did more looking into her political past as well as her as a person. First off, the fact that she has such a close relationship politically with senator Ted Stevens does not rank high on the trust worthy scale considering his many indictments. 

Then there is the nasty little fact that there is a current investigation going on into her abuse of power even though she has not been in office for a great length of time. However, it should be concluded by October. I am sure that with her new possible position there will be nothing found.

Then there have been rumors going around the internet questioning if her youngest child who is only four months old is actually her daughters child and not hers. Therefore, to reply to this today they come out with proof that this is impossible. Moreover, their great proof is it could not be the seventeen-year-old girl’s child because she is five months pregnant. So in my option if you are a woman that was exited to have a female voice finally that could represent you, I say this was an utter failure to all of us. First off, if you are a responsible woman who is older and wanting a demanding career in politics, I would think that you should be able to figure out birth control. I think woman are just as capable as men are to have a political career. But with a four month old child I think that is just a little irresponsible but then to go a step further this child would need more care and the Vice President is not just a political position it is the second most demanding in the country. So what is the statement she is saying about family? Secondly, now she has a pregnant seventeen-year-old daughter and I know kids are having kids and girls are getting pregnant young but her political stance is teaching children abstinence and she appears to be the poster for teaching sex education. I am just stating that I wish that McCain had chosen a woman who was more then just a pretty face, or at least a woman who would have fewer skeletons’ jumping out at us.

One last tidbit I just saw how do we put her educational background up against anyone else in the race? I still can not understand this choice.

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