We had a large glass bowl just hanging around and being a huge pain to store. So Bryan suggested that we put fish in it. I was at the store and I decided to get some fish and surprise Venice with them. It was the cutest thing ever, when I walked in and showed her she was so excited and said “oh thank you mamma!” She loves them so much she watches them and feeds them when we let her.



Christmas Decorations


This year we got a Christmas tree. In all the years that I have lived in  my own place including all the time that I have been married we have not decorated for holiday’s at all. I guess I do have to say that the first year we were married we thought we would try and make a home and get a real tree. We soon found out that we are not filled with the Christmas spirit. We got lights and opened the package but never put them on the tree. So after the holiday’s we finally got around to disposing of the real, dry and dead, tree in May. So we never put up a tree after that till now. Bryan and Venice were wandering around a store and he said she got so excited looking at the lights and decorations. We surprised Venice with a fake pre-lit tree on Thanksgiving and we are going to put lights on the porch. I cannot believe how much children change your life.

Bryan feels like he has a Christmas tradition, which his mother I am sure would not be happy about, he puts some picture on the top of the tree. Replacing the angel with icons such as Spiderman or the Hulk. So now that we have a tree and we are going to decorate it he put a picture of Patrick Swayze on top of our tree. I have to say I am such a patient wife.



Long time.

I have not written in a very long time. Life with two kids is much more complicated. However we had a lovely Thanksgiving Bryan made a turkey and we had our friend Ginger over and my mother and sister Tiffany. We made way too much food but we were taking some over to my dad and uncle so it was fine. This was so much fun to host our first holiday party. We has small quarters however it was good times. I love my girls it is so crazy to think that I am the mother of two.  I did not take any pictures and I am so mad at myself. I really should have pictures of a first Thanksgiving. Maybe I should make all the food again to pose for pictures. I doubt I will. I did make some lovely rolls from scratch. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!