Love and acceptance

I have been thinking about life a lot lately and there are so many things that people who have either no vested interest or affect of their live and yet people judge others constantly. Whether it be homosexuals or polygamists or anything that is not what they see as normal. If you really believe in freedom and or God’s love then why do you judge others? Marriage is really a religious act not a government law. Let people do what they want as long as they do not hurt anyone. Just because you could not imagine having “sister wives” does not mean it does not work for other people.  Really what does it hurt you? I have great respect for Kobe Brown and his wife’s for showing that not all polygamists are child rapists. I would never choose the polygamist lifestyle but why should anyone care that they do? So many people have random sex with multiple people and don’t even pay for their offspring. I just think people should be more concerned with their own life and maybe trying to save the government from the path we are on. Why judge others? I am sure that if your life was looked at with a microscope that you just might fail the test of most other people.


Electronic mail.

Let me address a huge pet peeve of mine, I have seen as of late people using the term “inbox me”. I have only seen this occurring on Facebook so far and pray to God it goes no further. This is just asinine, I am guessing where this comes from if that to check your electronic mail in Facebook you click the word inbox. Now obviously because Facebook does not host an email service that you actually get a direct email address they are not going to use the word email. So you click inbox to check your electronic mail. Electronic mail or email if you will is the proper term. You may have an in box which is where your email is contained but let’s not mistake the container with the contents!  Now you know more.