I walked out and sat on my porch on Halloween 2011. I just moved into my house and I sat and breathed in the smell of burning pumpkins and fall leaves. I watched the princess’s and batman’s walk past and get candy. I watched leaves fall with every upraise of the wind. I was basking in the glory of my home and neighborhood. When my mother came to be with me she sat and stated “coming here from my house is like going fifty years in the past”. It is true. My neighbors give hot cider and homemade popcorn. I love it. I am trying to get used to it. I am probably the only one who locks my doors and my car however everyone is happy to meet me. I watch the leaves fall on my lawn like rain and breath in the chill air, listening to children laughing and their costumes rustling the leaves underfoot. I love it! My kids can run free and they love people. I feel so very blessed.