What is your car worth?

Over the last few day’s I have realized that people treat you differently with how they preconceive you. I know that this is a generalized theory but I have seen it up front. I have had to take my husband’s car to swim lessons for the last two day’s and even though I am the same person with the same children I have been treated completely differently then I have been. I find that where I would normally get waves and smiles I have people avoiding my gaze. My husband chooses to drive a complete piece of crap and I do not. He lets me be who I am and I accept who he is, however I have seen that people are so different in their actions with me in my car vers me in his car. I really question that as I am the same person with the same children and the same home but as I drive his crap car which drives great gets fine gas mileage and has served him well but looks an eye sore people avoid me. Is this the reality we are raising our children into? People are only as good as their possessions (as we perceive them)? The funny thing is even though I know even if we won a lottery my husband would still choose the vehicle that has served him. When he went to Texas to interview for an actuary position he met and had lunch with actuary’s who solid in their careers and making 400k plus a year were still driving their 1990’s vehicles that served them. I guess you just cannot judge a book by its cover.