Long time.

I have not written in a very long time. Life with two kids is much more complicated. However we had a lovely Thanksgiving Bryan made a turkey and we had our friend Ginger over and my mother and sister Tiffany. We made way too much food but we were taking some over to my dad and uncle so it was fine. This was so much fun to host our first holiday party. We has small quarters however it was good times. I love my girls it is so crazy to think that I am the mother of two.  I did not take any pictures and I am so mad at myself. I really should have pictures of a first Thanksgiving. Maybe I should make all the food again to pose for pictures. I doubt I will. I did make some lovely rolls from scratch. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


I am pregnant! (again)

So I am pregnant again. So far this one is sticking. But I went to the doctor on the 26th for my twelve week check up. They test your urine for who knows what, measure your stomach, and listen to the heartbeat. Now I have been on the very stressed side of life because of family stress and my mother having another (yes another) open heart surgery two days before my appointment. So I went in and my doctor was searching and searching for the baby’s heartbeat, not a good thing. But my doctor was so good and realized that because I miscarried last October that I was so very nervous that there was no heartbeat to find. But we did another ultrasound and found that the little one is was just bouncing around so much that it was hard to even get the heartbeat with the ultrasound because the baby would not hold still. So I am happy, I think that this will be so good for my little two year old to have someone to take care of.

Other than that I am just trying to make it through surgeries, nausea, breathing and taking weird photos to make Susie laugh.

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I have not written in a long time, I have had so much going on. I moved and my mother is preparing for open heart surgery. I love my mother very much. She has gone through so very much. Two brain surgeries to remove tumors. This will be her second open heart surgery. She has had countless heart “procedures”. Two years ago her gallbladder went septic and she was life flighted to the hospital. Her heart stopped multiple times. She has been a trouper and fought to slay alive. She is a huge key to our family and an inspiration to me. I felt confident in this surgery and I think she will do very well. Of course anytime someone has their body cracked open there is a level of fear.

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Why I am crazy…

I was at my mother’s house with my sister and we were discussing (teasing) my mother about how much she babies her little dog Roxie. Now I always bring my dog Kairi up with me because she like for her dogs to exercise and my dog is younger so she plays with them. My dog usually gets the brunt of the dog’s playing. However this day my dog was the aggressor so what does my mom do…she picks up Roxie and puts her in my daughter’s high chair.  My sister and I at this point were laughing saying how that is nice her dog face rapes my dog all the time but if my dog gets a nip in my mom saves her. So my sister said “when that dog dies we are going to stuff it and after you die we will put it in the coffin with you in your shirt and just her head sticking out. “ I laughed so hard thinking about the reaction of people walking by to pay their respects and all of a sudden seeing a tiny dog head coming out of her shirt.

I love my family, we have such a sick sense of humor and the way we deal with stress or grief is to make horrible and tasteless jokes to deal with the emotions. I think it is so great because my husband is just the same. He was so happy when he was first hanging around me and my brother passed away a few years before so when someone would ask me “which brother” I would answer “the one who is alive”. My husband felt right at home. Being around my family is so much fun.

Now though talking about politics with my family is so much fun.  For the most part we all have the basic same beliefs but I don’t think that you could get them to believe it. We are a group of highly passionate people and have no problem with sharing our opinions. That makes for some political discussions that end in tears or someone leaving mad. We are over all a great group of crazies.

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Having a child shows you everything you do that you would rather not. I have a tendency when I get to the end of my rope and I want her to listen to me I slap my hands together. Now I see that she does that she does the same thing and I am quite sad to see it mostly when she does it to me. Also I have a feeling or more so a fear that it will be much worse when she decides to start talking. I have believed that the reason kids think their parents are so “not with it” is strictly because they became parents and decided to protect their child when they were younger. So it is their entire fault! I have heard from so many parents that you get the troubles with your children that you gave your parents. I am much more afraid of Bryan then me but we absolutely have a very opinionated and stubborn girl which I think both of our family’s would say we deserve it. I am enjoying this crazy rollercoaster we call parenthood.

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Halloween was good. Venice went as a poodle. And Bryan went as a wrestler. From the moment that I put the poodle costume on Venice she was in love with it! She would walk all around and jump and smile. I took Venice up to see my mom and she played and showed off.

While I was there my mom let me borrow a costume for our dog Kairi. She was a cute bee but as soon it was on her she laid down on the floor like she was so sad. But she was lucky because my mother has a larger Shih Tzu who has learned how to take the clothes off of the smaller dogs, so she was free shortly after.

Later that night when Bryan got home he went to my sister’s house with Venice and they went trick or treating. I stayed home because I was still not feeling well. But they had a great time, Venice and my sister’s dog (who was dressed as a witch) would home invade people at first until Bryan explained to her that they were not visiting people just getting candy. She started to get the point (which I wonder what a child thinks why the hell does this not happen every day) but when people would hold out the basket of candy for her to choose one she at that point started to just try and take the entire basket. But I hear by the end she had figured it out and was charming her way all around my sister’s neighborhood. Oddly enough a lot of people kept asking to bring her back and let them see her. I am totally surprised and wondering if this is normal but I have had so many people either barely acquaintances to complete strangers asking to see her or babysit or one time at a store she had been playing with another woman in the isle and we talked and she was a great grandmother and just feel in love with Venice. Later in the store Venice was getting tired and a little grumpy (not screaming or anything that I would run out of the store for) the woman came and said “let her sit in my cart” and I was all freaked out and said “oh thanks but I think she is fine” and the woman was relentless and said just for a second and unbuckled her and put her in her cart. I was with my mother and older sister who has four kids and I watched the whole time and the woman was very nice and read a story to her and I asked my mom and sister “has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?” of course the answer was no! So I thanked her and grabbed my daughter and left the store. So is it that my daughter is just that spectacular? Weird, well she came home so happy and tired after trying to learn to conquer walking/running up and down hills which I hear that she sometimes went out of control downhill and Bryan had to run and stop her. As for uphill she kept turning in circles unintentionally.

I stayed at home in a dark house and watched “Diary of a Madman” a Vincent Price classic. The dark was because I had forgotten to get candy and I did not want knocks on the door to make me feel more sad and guilty thinking of little kids standing on my door open bag and nothing to put in. Well that was the extent of our Halloween.

My hubby!

I was going to post this long post that I wrote about why I love my husband it is sweet but really long so instead I will just add a link HERE if you have the time and the want to know why I love my husband so very much. I do love him greatly even though right now I almost never see him with his jobs and studying but he is very funny. 🙂

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