Electronic mail.

Let me address a huge pet peeve of mine, I have seen as of late people using the term “inbox me”. I have only seen this occurring on Facebook so far and pray to God it goes no further. This is just asinine, I am guessing where this comes from if that to check your electronic mail in Facebook you click the word inbox. Now obviously because Facebook does not host an email service that you actually get a direct email address they are not going to use the word email. So you click inbox to check your electronic mail. Electronic mail or email if you will is the proper term. You may have an in box which is where your email is contained but let’s not mistake the container with the contents!  Now you know more.



Now I have told you!

Here is a pet peeve of mine. Are we as a society really so busy that we cannot use names or whole words? Such as National Geographic now is called Nat Geo. Are you kidding? Is it really that much of a time saver to not saying whole words? And to think that when I saw hard boiled eggs that were shelled and packaged so that people would not have to wrangle with that pesky shell that we had hit the hight of a slothful society. However this is a whole new level of lazy. I am a big fan of things that assist having an easier life but not being able to use your vocabulary to its fullest seems like a joke. On this same rant path I heard a commercial the other day and the person say’s “guess how fast it took for my knees to feel better”. Do we not have any pride in our language? I know that people do not speak properly all the time but I think that if someone is going to try and sell me something damn it do it correctly.

He’s just not that into you.


I know that right now I don’t have my normal calm cool demeanor but I am starting to get very annoyed with people who keep sick relationships in their life. Do you really think that there is nothing better for you out there? Even people I hate have someone out in the world that would be good for them to be with. I was in a relationship that was bad for me not that they were a bad person just bad for me. I now have found the perfect person for me. So if you are in an unhealthy relationship get out now. I am sure there is someone wonderful waiting for you. Now here are a few guidelines. Now some situations have exceptions but few do.

1.       If your significant other is having relations of any kind with someone else, kissing, emotional relationship, or so forth.

2.       If you feel horrible about yourself because of how they treat you, or just all of the time.

3.       If they keep leaving you because you are not doing something different. This does not include normal relationship issues that you have to work on. Work on yourself and your relationship but if they are not being willing to stand by you get out!

There are just the top three. Now not everyone will like the person you do but if they treat you like crap then no one will. Love yourself enough to find someone to love you. Sometimes it takes time and breaking up with someone hurts worse than getting paper cuts all over your body and taking a long bath in lemon juice. However a good relationship is better than puppies, cotton candy, and a warm breeze on a beautiful beach. Also I think that people, men more so then women, treat people like horrible because people accept that. I say let them be alone in their craptastic selves.

Nobody talks like that.

Now I have told you!

Now I have told you!

Alright if you can not understand what it is that I am attempting to convey to you that is most likely due to the fact that you have learned how to communicate using nine digits. And no it is not proper to spell later as l8r! This is why you said to me “why are you talking like that? No body talks like that.” Number one why would you think I gave the slightest consideration to what anyone would think? Number two as to why I would be speaking like this it is because it is the proper way to present oneself. And I chose to set myself in a good light for those to whom it may matter. If someone is not comprehending what I am communicating that has eliminated them from the category of those who matter and the issue has been resolved. So if for some unfortunate reason you find yourself lost in this post or understanding only the term l8r then maybe you should find yourself a class somewhere or go to your closest library. So now you know.


Now I have told you!

Now I have told you!

So just to clarify something for all of the people out there who think that kissing people of the same sex is some sort of fashion statement, if you have feelings that you are interested in kissing a member of the same sex you are gay or bisexual. Girls think that kissing another girl will catch a man…well I say that you will most likely catch a disease. I just think that today’s society would be much better if people would try to deal in realistic way with themselves and each other. Grow up people try to interact with each other as adults and if you can say that you are not one then don’t do things that adults do such as sex and drugs because you can get deadly diseases or babies! Let’s not be stupid. If you are in the group that can not say I am not an adult then why not act like an adult? The rate of STD’s and abortions are just amazing. Why not try to think? And if you are not going to think please DON’T VOTE! I am just spreading my great and vast knowledge. So know you know.